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Galveston Daily News / September 8, 1875

At Fort Smith, Arkansas, on the 3d instant, six men were hung on one gallows. Among them were two who had made their homes in Texas.

Daniel H. Evans was a handsome young man of twenty, a native of Tennessee, and had respectable connections in Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. He murdered a man named Seabolt in November last near Eufaula, Creek Nation, and Evans admitted he associated with outlaws, and in connection with two others robbed a man in the Creek Nation in 1873 of $32,000; $25,000 of this money he says is buried in Bosque county, Texas. He says he stuck a pine stick in his victim’s flesh and set it on fire to compel him to tell where his money was. It would be hard to find one of his age so steeped in crime. After his sentence was pronounced by the judge he, smiling, rose and thanked the court for the courtesy shown him.

James H. Moore was twenty-seven years old, tall and fine-looking, bold and daring. He was a native of Johnson county, Missouri, but removed to Texas when a child, where he grew up on the frontier as a murderer, highwayman and horse-thief. His equal could hardly be found. He was connected with a band of outlaws in the Indian country, stealing some horses in Washington county, Arkansas, in connection with a confederate. They were followed and overtaken, when the thieves fired upon the posse, killing one and wounding another. They escaped, but were afterwards overtaken. Moore’s partner was killed while attempting to escape. Moore was afterwards captured, lodged in jail, tried and sentenced to be hung. When captured be boasted that he had killed eight white men, and Indians and negroes too numerous to mention. He claimed to be the best shot in the West. He had a wife and one child living in Texas. As a desperado and outlaw, he was the best representative of the lot. He was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith last Sunday.

All six of these parties were launched into eternity at the same time. Marshal Fagan and his deputies superintended the execution. The gallows was erected close up and in front of an old pentagon-shaped building. Just over the trap was a strong rope-beam, framed on posts and firmly braced. The six men were placed in line, standing side by side.



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