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From Pike’s Peak.

From the Rocky Mountain News, June 20, 1860

On Sunday, the 10th inst., 480 warriors of the Arapahoe and Apache tribes, with a few Sioux, set out from this city on a foray against the Utes. Before starting they visited Capt. BECKWORTH and KIT CARSON, who endeavored to dissuade them from going, but without avail. On the morning of Sunday, 17th inst., they came upon the village of the Utes on the south fork of the South Platte, in the southeast edge of the South Park, and made an attack. By a stratagem the Ute warriors were misled to fly to the defence in the wrong direction, while the combined force fell upon the village, killed a large number of women and children, and took four children prisoners.

A rally of the Utes drove the invaders from the field, when the Utes made good their retreat to an almost inaccessible refuge on the mountain side. The allies continued to besiege them from a little after sunrise until past noon, when they withdrew and set out on their return. After traveling some distance they stopped at a stream, and, while unsuspectingly smoking their pipes, were fallen on by the Utes and met a disastrous defeat.

The number of Utes killed cannot be ascertained, but it must have been very considerable. Of the allies, five warriors were killed on the field, and thirty-two wounded, one of whom died on Monday night after reaching here. Of the dead, four were Arapahoes, one Apache and one Sioux. Sixty-three horses were taken and brought in. Fourteen mules and seven horses were lost.

These statements are from Little Raven to Capt. BECKWORTH, and may be relied upon. The burial of the dead will occur on Thursday, and immediately after 1,000 warriors will set out on an expedition against the Utes.



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