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Stage Road Between Ogden and Helena, 1871

Coeur d'Alene Gold Fields.

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Reported in The Daily Independent, Helena, Montana / Nov. 4, 1888

A correspondent of the New North-West, just returned from Ilerou (he did not get to the mines), has the following to say in reference to them:

While down in that country your correspondent met with a number of men who had been in the mines, and from every one nothing but the most encouraging reports were heard. Berry Davis's claim cleaned up ten ounces the last day's run, among which were two specimens weighing $10 and $14 respectively.

But few claims were being worked with sluices, owing to the scarcity of lumber and lateness of the season to make proper preparations. The most that was being done in the mining district was locating claims, erecting cabins, and preparing for winter. Many of the claims taken up were un-prospected, and even their owners were not sure that they could "raise a color." The town of Eagle City consists of about a dozen log cabins -- one store, two gin mills, recorder's office, and a few miners’ cabins. The country is generally level and covered with heavy timber. Good judges estimate that at least ten out of every hundred that stay there this winter will die of pneumonia. This of course is based upon the hypothesis that the low, damp ground will not prove conducive to good health.

To sum up: Your correspondent is inclined to the belief that there are rich diggings in the Coeur d'Alene Mountains, and that next spring will witness a grand, old time stampede into them. He is footsore and weary now, and for the present will switch off.



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