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If anyone has noticed the site behaving erratically, or not at all, it's because I'm all thumbs when it comes to PHP and have been learning by doing (and undoing, and redoing). But it's all better now, and there are some hopefully handy navigation controls under the headline.

"The Red Man"

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Today's (or should that be to-day's) post is a New-York Times article from 1865, back when the newspaper and the city still had a hyphen. From it we can see why correspondents are called that (articles were long letters dispatched from the field, sent by post or transmitted by telegraph), and also the significance of the dateline -- the piece was published almost a month after it was written, probably because it took four weeks to make its way through the mails from Salt Lake City.

The subject matter -- conflict with the "red man" and gruesome depredations by "Aboriginees" in the Utah Territory -- is presented without any input from the other side, and related in terms that wouldn't exactly be considered P.C. today, but nevertheless paint a vivid picture of life, and death, on the Western frontier.

Blog launch


We've had the site up for about two weeks now and we're finally getting around to launching our blog. While the home page of Ghost Cowboy is where we will continue to feature new True Tales, the blog is where we'll talk about what's happening behind the scenes, announce new features and where we can make fun of desperado nicknames like "Flopping Bill."

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