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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette / April 29, 1896


Over Twenty Children Badly Injured by Runaway Team

Milwaukee, Wis., April 29 — Over twenty school children were knocked down and injured by a runaway team on Mitchell street yesterday.

The children were all pupils of St. Anthony’s Catholic parochial school at the corner of Fourth avenue and Mitchell street. They had just come out of school and were on their way home. The team, which was owned by William Schattschneider, was hitched with a weight. An electric car frightened the horses and they started to run. They ran down Fourth avenue to Mitchell street.

The little ones cried, “Runaway, runaway,” and gathered in crowds along the curb to witness the horses dash wildly along the street. As the team ran, the hitching weight, which was on the near side, swung up over the heads of the little ones who lined the curb and landed in their midst.

The infuriated horses followed the impulse which was given to them by the flying weight and dashed in among a hundred of the boys and girls who were shouting in glee at the flying team. Up on the sidewalk the team dashed.

The crowd instantly fell back, many of the little tots tumbling pell-mell over a fence. They did not all get out of the way of the horses, however, and in an instant there were at least twenty-five of them who had been knocked down and trampled upon. The others ran in all directions.

The mothers of the little ones, who all lived in the neighborhood, came to the scene in a few minutes and were frantic in their efforts to locate their darlings. Many of them fainted when they saw their children laid out on the walk as though they were dead.

Ottumwa Daily Courier / July 24, 1903


Youth Pinioned in Wagon Wheel Drawn by Runaway Team.

Oquawka, Ill, July 24. — With his body fastened between the spokes of a wheel and horribly mutilated and mangled, James Hagerty, a 17-year-old lad, was found dead by his sister near Smithshire, who had stopped a runaway team of frightened animals, which had dragged the unfortunate youth for over half a mile, slowly beating his body to a pulp at every revolution of the wheels.



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