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New Mexico crime log: 1882

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Briefs published in the Rio Grande Republican (Las Cruces, New Mexico) / February 4, 1882

A Chinaman shot.
On the 30th of January last, a party of roughs, considerably the worse for liquor, came into the camp and commenced cutting up very roughly, by hooting and yelling. Passing by the cabin of a Chinese laundry, they fired into it, and struck one of the Chinamen in the leg, and, it is said, broke it. The indignation of the law-abiding citizens was aroused, and it was determined to put a stop to such doings at once and forever. A meeting was called, resolutions adopted, and the roughs ordered out of the camp at the point of a Winchester. The left, and will not be in a hurry to return. The wounded man was placed under medical care, and is recovering.

* * *

Murder in Silver City.
A one-armed but well-armed desperado in Silver City, known as Frank-Over-the-Fence, went into a restaurant there in a state of intoxication, and began breaking the dishes on the table. On one of the boarders mildly remonstrating with him, he drew his revolver and shot him dead. He then ran off, but was pursued and captured. There is talk of an early trial, but we think hemp must be very costly there or the citizens would not wait, for the county to purchase it.

* * *

Last night the Adams express agent at San Marcial, was "held up" for about $150. He was in the act depositing the money in the safe when Mr. Robber entered the room, presented the pistol to his head and told him he would relieve him of the package.
-- Lone Star.

* * *

An ox, on its way to the butcher’s had its neck broken by a lasso, opposite our office on Wednesday. As he could not go to the butcher, the butcher came to him, and we had the pleasure of seeing him skinned and cut up from our window.

* * *

On Friday evening last, as the train was coming up from El Paso, the engineer saw three head of cattle on the track. The alarm was given and the brakes applied, but the animals took no heed. Seeing a collision was inevitable, steam was put on, and soon a heavy shower of raw beef was falling and three bovine spirits were wafted to the vernal pastures of the shining shore. The train came on to Cruces all right.



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