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Graham County Justice of the Peace Travels With an Outlaw.

Published in The Arizona Republican / Aug. 7, 1900

Last Sunday night: agent Brown, at the depot, lost his brown mare, says The Solomonville Bulletin. She was standing saddled in front of Ellas’ store when a Mexican happened along and appropriated her for his own use. The next day he overtook Justice of the Peace Ruiz and his wife, who had been visiting friends on the other side of the track. The Mexican horse thief belonged to the old school and was as polite as he was chivalrous. When he saw the lady walking to town he gallantly offered her his mount, which was accepted, Judge Ruiz and the horse thief walking behind.

During the walk the Mexican said he had never been in Solomonville (although he had been drunk here for two days). When they reached Frank Dysart’s corner the Mexican said he would be compelled in leave them at this point, and, mounting the stolen animal, rode off up the river.

Shortly afterward Agent Brown put in an appearance with a tale of woe about a lost horse. The horse was described and it suddenly dawned on the Justice that he had keeping company with a horse thief. The trail of this daring cavalier was followed as far as the Brown ranch and it is thought by the officers that he has gone in the direction of Eagle creek. This man is supposed to be one of the murderers of Howe and Wheeler. He was seen on foot with a Winchester rifle in that vicinity shortly after the killing. Another Mexican is also under suspicion. His mistress recently left Morenci and is now at San Jose, and the officers expect to locate their man by keeping a close watch on her movements.



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