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J. C. Lyle, a Rough Rider and Member of "Butch" Cassidy's gang, Is Held for the Union Pacific Robbery.

New-York Times / October 22, 1899

OGDEN, Utah, Oct. 22 — Through information imparted by one Donald, Sheriff Layne of Ogden has captured a man said to be one of the persons concerned in the hold-up of the Union Pacific train at Wilcox, Wyo., June 2, when a large amount of money was taken from the express company's safe. The prisoner is James C. Lyle, and he was taken at Rigby, Idaho, Thursday night. He was not told why he was being arrested until the officers had succeeded in spiriting him over the line into Utah.

Lyle, as well as Donald, who the authorities think had some connection with the robbery himself, is now locked up in this city. Donald, who apparently knows all of the details of the robbery, says there were nine men in the gang, which included the notorious leader of the "Robbers' Roost" gang, "Butch" Cassidy, Lyle, and others. Donald says that after the gang escaped from the officers who had rounded them up in Wyoming at the time of the killing of Sheriff Hazen of Rawlins, Wyoming, they went over the Big Horn Mountains, down into the Windy River country, on toward the Sweetwater, and again touched the Union Pacific at Green River, where they took the trains for various directions.

Among Lyle's effects was a discharge from Troop G, First United States Calvary, better known by the name of Torrey's Rough Riders.



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